Heel hook rescue

There are various distinctive strategies to help a terrible paddler back to kayak. The finest procedure depends on the circumstance. The strategy now we are going to learn is called “heel hook rescue”.  It is one of the most trustworthy strategies. For instance, heel hook needs a less upper body strength and flexibility.

Before the paddler getting into the kayak, make sure that you are clear most of the water in it. This technique is explained in the tutorial Assisted kayak emptying. On the following page, we will look at the heel hook rescue step by step.

The helper places the kayak right juxtaposition of the swimmer’s kayak so that the kayak’s bows point to antithesis direction. At that point, the helper takes the swimmer paddle and put both the paddles on his lap. At that moment, they are safe and they can leave their hands free to take a grip from the helper over the swimmer’s kayak cockpit coaming. The swimmer must be on the other side of his kayak, right behind the cockpit.

The swimmer must hold the rear deck of his kayak for a support to take a grip from the helper’s kayak by using either deck ropes or cockpit coaming. Then the swimmer pulls his upper body on the rear decks on the same time of swings the other leg inside the cockpit and hooks the heel inside the cockpit, beneath the front deck.

After the heel is hooked inside the cockpit, it will be easier for a swimmer to drag him on the rear deck by using his leg muscles. Keep in mind that this action needs a lot of energy from the helper. Therefore, the swimmer must ignore fast moves.

The swimmer must carefully move his both legs into the cockpit and try to back in the sitting position. The helper must hold both the kayaks until the swimmer gets his spray skirt secured and pumps the remaining water out with a water pump or bailer.

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