Moving sideways with sculling draw

After you need to move nearby a dock or a friend’s kayak, one of the finest procedures to utilize is the sculling draw.

  • It is a foremost effective way to make your kayak move sideways and maintaining balance is easy but it may be tough to master.


  • Clasp your paddle with a usual forward paddling grip. Rotate your torso to the side and place the paddle nearly vertically into the water.
  • Make clear that the power face of the paddle facing against the kayak and your upper arm has to be bent approximately ninety degrees and retain excessive.

Immediately take a minute to experience how paddle will carry on within the water. You will notice that the blade has its own will: it cuts the water simply in case you move the paddle parallel to your kayak. However, you have to work more to bring the blade closer to the kayak or future away from the kayak.

Yet, operating the paddle back and forward in this way only make the kayak to move a very little.

  • The technique is to move the paddle back and forward parallel to the kayak when turning the blade’ power faces marginally towards the sweep. This will help to move the kayak towards the paddle.

Hold your upper hand in a stable place, and start waving the blade in the water by moving your lower hand.

  • Try to maintain the movement constantly and move the paddle to create a thin figure 8 shape within the surface of the water. You ought to hold the blade’s inclination to cut the water.

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